How to remove pigment spots

How to remove pigment spots
Sometimes on the face of a woman there are ugly pigment spots. This can be caused by different reasons: perhaps this is the reaction of your body to excess sunlight or there is a malfunction in his work, maybe a hormonal adjustment if you are expecting a child. In any case, you want to look good and therefore are looking for some ways to get rid of excessive pigmentation.

You will need
  • -parsley;
  • -lemon juice;
  • -красная смородина;
  • -простокваша;
  • -cucumber.
Since the appearance of pigmentation spots on the skin can be associated with various causes, before you start using any means to combat them, consult a dermatologist.

If you are going to conduct whitening procedures, you should protect the skin from the effects of the sun. To do this, you should prefer special sunscreen.

В domestic conditions for the treatment can be used many plants that have bleaching properties. There are many recipes for traditional medicine for the removal of pigmented spots.

Измельчите 2 ст.ложки петрушки (листья или корень) и наложите ее на полчаса на чисто вымытую кожу лица. Затем смойте и на влажную кожу обязательно нанесите какой-нибудь питательный крем.

Daily wipe the skin with a solution of lemon juice in the ratio: 2 ts.polki for half a cup of water. For dry skin, the recipe does not fit.

If the skin is dry, you will benefit from lotions of yogurt.

Dampen the cotton swab with red currant juice and rub the stains twice a day. With dry skin, after a quarter of an hour after rubbing, grease your face with thick sour cream. Minutes through 10, rinse.

Fresh cucumber, grate on a fine grater and add a tablespoon of any nutritious cream. With this mixture, moisten your face several times for a quarter of an hour. It is necessary to make 30 such masks. If the facial skin is oily, squeezed cucumber juice mix with the same amount of vodka and insist 24 hours before applying.

To prevent the appearance of pigmented spots or less intense staining, try to include more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in your daily diet.

If application folk remedies and cosmetics did not give the desired result, you can contact the beauty salon. Among the most effective procedures for removing pigment spots are chemical peeling and photorejuvenation. There are other hardware methods designed to improve the skin condition: laser and microcrystalline grinding, liquid nitrogen cryomassage, electrophoresis with pigment removal agents, photophoresis with special creams, etc.

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