How to remove moles from your face

How to remove moles from your face
Moles are benign formations on the skin, which, in general, do not cause any problems. A mole is a restricted cluster of nevus cells with a pigment, formed as a result of local disturbance of melanin metabolism and synthesis. As a rule, they protrude slightly above the skin itself or flat, smooth, sometimes can be covered with hair.

Unfortunately, moles совсем не так безобидны, как может показаться. Под влиянием некоторых условий – длительного воздействия солнечных лучей, постоянного трения от одежды, moles can degenerate into malignant tumors. Also moles can form melanoma – a dangerous enough malignant disease with a rapid and early formation of distant metastases. This is why all damaged birthmarks must be removed with mandatory histological examination. An important reason to remove moles is their rapid growth, increase in quantity, change in shape or color, the appearance of soreness and bleeding. Removal of moles should be carried out only in special conditions медицинского учреждения, потому как лишь врач сможет безопасно и качественно произвести подобную процедуру. Перед самим удалением родинок определяют глубину их залегания, чтобы можно было correctly Select the depth of impact and the method of removal. Currently, the following ways for the removal of moles: With the help of a surgical coagulator – electrocoagulation. Removal of the mole is made using local anesthesia. To the metal thin loop comes electric current of high frequency, which coagulates the surrounding tissue of the mole, and cuts it off. Heating of the skin tissues occurs instantaneously, which avoids the spread of cells and bleeding. Due to the small dimensions of the working loop, even the smallest moles can be eliminated. remove родинку, produce and its surgical excision. This method is usually required to remove the most extensive formations. Increasingly, the removal of the birthmark is preferred by a modern laser, which layer-by-layer processes the tissues for 1-2 minutes under local anesthesia. Liquid nitrogen also removes moles by freezing them at very low temperatures (-100 ° C to -180 ° C), which causes death of tissues of moles and destruction. To remove the birthmark spend a sufficiently long exposure for a while over 30 seconds liquid nitrogen, с плотной фиксацией аппликатора под небольшим давлением перпендикулярно над родинкой.

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