How to remove medium length hair

How to remove medium length hair
This hairstyle suits the owners of wavy hair of medium length. Light curls allow you to create an attractive texture when stacking. You can also apply the following instructions to tidy the hair after yesterday's styling. It is very convenient if you wash and dry your head once. Hairstyle will be relevant in a strict office and even at a party. It all depends on the accessories used to decorate the styling.

You will need
  • Comb, invisible or hairpins, hair spray.
Dissolve hair and comb them, if nature has not awarded you with curls, then prepare hair with hair curlers. As already mentioned, the texture left after yesterday's evening laying may be the best basis for this hairstyle.
Hairstyle for medium length hair

From the front you can leave a few strands of bangs framing the face. Start picking strands one by one from the ears to the back of the head. Hook the hair ends into the resulting roller and fasten with invisible or stilettos. Go to the middle of the nape and repeat the action from the opposite side.
How to remove hair

In the central zone of the hairstyle you will have a tail, which you will twist into a ring, fixing its base with hairpins. Now look carefully, if there are any loose or untidy strands. Where necessary, add invisible.
Medium length hair

At the end, sprinkle your hair with a varnish and decorate it with an accessory that will further emphasize your personality and will look nice with the chosen outfit.
Hairstyle for medium length hair

It is better not to use as a decoration for this hairstyle heavy and rough hairpins. An easy romantic flower sprig will be the best option.
Hairstyle for medium hair

To fix the hair securely, fasten the studs, making an S-shaped movement while picking up strands. But if you use invisibility, then problems with fixing should not arise.

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