How to remove lacquer

How to remove lacquer
Nail care includes, among other things, such an operation as the removal of old nail polish. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this – nevertheless, illiterate removal of varnish can "turn around" exfoliating, overdried nail plates.

The first thing to take care of is choosing a liquid to remove varnish. Most cheap products contain acetone – it perfectly справляется с растворением лака но, к сожалению, вместе с ним удаляет и жировые компоненты nail. This makes it brittle. Therefore, more modern nail polish remover is made on the basis of less harmful nails ethers and alcohols (methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl acetate, amyl acetate) and have in their composition mitigating means – wax or fats. For particularly sensitive or brittle nails, special creams and emulsions for removing varnish have been developed, where softening components are much more.

In order to remove the varnish, take a cotton swab of pure cotton (synthetic cotton wool should be avoided) and soak it "смывкой". To wash a varnish it is necessary very accurately, in a direction to the center of a nail. Try to make the varnish не размазывался around the nail – to wipe it off the skin will be much more difficult.

After the varnish coating completely removed, without fail wash your hands with warm water and soap – this is necessary in order to neutralize the action of the constituent liquids of solvents. Nails should be cleaned with a special brush to mechanically remove the remains of the old varnish.

Do not rush to immediately apply a fresh varnish – Nails it is necessary to give a little "breathe". Ideally, you need to wash off the varnish for a day or two before покраски ногтей. Но, если возможности do такой длительный перерыв нет – сделайте паузу на ночь или хотя бы на несколько часов.

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