How to remove hair

How to remove hair
Unwanted hair is a problem for many people. To date, there are many ways to get rid of this scourge, which one to choose – it's up to you!

Самые “видные” hair растут на лице. Избавиться от них можно при помощи специальных восковых strips, предназначенных для зоны лица. Купить их можно в обычной аптеке. Там же продаются creams для деликатной эпиляции. Прежде чем использовать их, необходимо убедиться в отсутствии аллергии на компоненты, которые входят в состав крема. Для этого необходимо выдавить немного крема на запястье, растереть и подождать в течение нескольких минут. Если никаких реакций не возникло – крем можно наносить на проблемную зону лица. Эффект от таких процедур носит временный характер, через две-три недели эпиляцию придется повторять.

You can also lighten unwanted facial hair with usual blonde, after making sure of the absence of allergies. The hairs become colorless. With regular use of clarifying paint, the structure of the hairs becomes thinner and they become much less noticeable.

If you want to get rid of volos on the face forever, then experts recommend using a laser epilation в salon. Several such procedures and hair can be forgotten!

Hair on the body can also be removed in several ways. The most common – shaving. The procedure is quick, but ineffective, as the hair begins to grow quickly and becomes thicker.

A longer lasting effect is provided by epilation waxing, cream, and also mechanical epilator. The effect of this hair removal is longer (2-3 weeks). All these procedures are quite aggressive for the skin, and the cream can cause a strong allergic reaction. As a rule, doctors do not recommend these methods to people with sensitive skin.

Experts also use laser hair removal to remove body hair.

If you do not know which method of epilation is best for you, then it is best to seek help from a cosmetologist. A specialist will test your skin and recommend the best way to get rid of unwanted hair.

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