How to remove hair with wax

How to remove hair with wax
Depilation waxing, or depilation, is an effective and simple means of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. The procedure itself does not require you to have any special skills and skills, and several useful tips will help to avoid mistakes during depilation.

It should be remembered that depilation can be carried out exclusively on dry, clean and healthy skin. It is better to postpone the procedure if the skin has redness, a rash, open wounds.

To achieve a better result, a day depilation лучше вообще не use cosmetics, because cosmetic products create on the skin an unseen fatty film that hinders the uniform application of wax.

In the warm season it is best not to sunbathe on the sun before and after depilation, so as not to expose the skin to additional stimuli.

Whichever piece of skin you choose, you should thoroughly disinfect. Skin cleansing is usually done with a special liquid glue with the addition of witch hazel and menthol. It will clean the skin of all kinds of dirt, reduce irritation and contribute to better adhesion of wax.

Wax is usually applied with a disposable spatula or cartridge on small areas of the skin. To remove it is necessary with the help of a napkin, accurate and rapid movement of the hand.

It is very important after depilation to thoroughly clean the skin, regardless of the method of application. All because surplus wax can clog pores, and this can lead to growth volos under skin.

Wax containing the extract of olive, pine or magnolia is best used for depilation gentle places, such as armpits и bikini zone.

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