How to remove hair at home

How to remove hair at home
Epilation – an integral element of self-care in the life of a modern woman, without which her appearance can not be called well-groomed. Therefore, it will be relevant for everyone to find out what methods can be used to remove hair on the body at home without resorting to expensive procedures in the salons.

You will need
  • shaving machine, depilation cream, hot wax, electric epilator
Самый распространенный и доступный способ удаления volos – Shaving. It is painless, requires extremely small financial investments, and also this method allows a very fast get rid of undesirable hair. To use this method, you only need soap or a special gel and a razor. Modern razors have good blade quality and are easily replaced. The only drawback shaving is the rapid re-emergence of hair.

Депиляционные крема — еще один метод удаления волос. Крем более дорогой, чем бритва, но его в целом тоже можно назвать доступным по цене.
Использование крема — это быстрый и безболезненный процесс. Нанесите крем на место, где нужно удалить hair, wait a few minutes and remove the cream together with hair with a special spatula. The advantage over shaving is that the hairs after applications Creams have a softer structure and grow slower.
Недостатком депиляционных кремов можно назвать их химический состав, из-за которого они в ряде случаев могут вызывать раздражение и аллергические реакции.

Another method depilation – Is depilation through hot wax. This method differs from previous high degree of efficacy, low degree of allergic reactions and extremely high morbidity. Preheat the wax and apply a thin layer on the skin. When the wax dries, remove it or tear off a special wax strip.
Hair removed with wax does not grow for about a month – this is an unequivocal advantage of this method. However, the danger of getting a burn with a hot solution, as well as soreness, keeps many from using this method of depilation.

Also a painful, but effective method of hair removal is an electric epilator, which you can buy at any household appliance store.

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