How to remove gel-lacquer at home

How to remove gel-lacquer at home
A durable coating for nails, called shellac, eventually loses an attractive appearance – the edge is erased, and the nail itself grows. Then it is subject to removal. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the nail salon, remove the gel-lacquer yourself. All the necessary tools and supplies for this purpose can be bought at an ordinary cosmetics store.

You will need
  • – sharpened wooden stick;
  • – Clinker or means for removing varnish with acetone;
  • – foil;
  • – Non-woven wipes or cotton wool;
  • – oil to strengthen the cuticle.
Cut from the thick foil 10 squares 7×7 cm, and cut the cotton wheels into quarters – they must also be one for each finger. If you use special wipes, they only need to be folded twice.

Wet a cotton quilt or napkin with a nail polish remover, wrap the pinkie, place the foil on top and squeeze it tightly on all sides to make a cap that will not allow the medium to quickly evaporate. Follow the pinky in the same way, treat the ring finger and so on. If you process the nails yourself, last turn your thumbs. If someone else does this, order does not matter.

After 15 minutes, remove the cap from the little finger and very carefully, without a strong pressure, remove the softened coating with the chamfered end of a wooden stick. Do the same with other fingers. Do not remove foil and wet wipes at the same time. shellac did not have time to harden again.

Rinse your hands in warm water, dry and apply on the cuticle area a remedy for its softening and vitaminization. Gently massage the oil into the base of the nails.

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