How to remove fat in the knee area

How to remove fat in the knee area
Fat in the region of the knees may appear in girls and women of various parameters. It can arise as a result of a sharp refusal to exercise sports, and because of malnutrition. A complex of simple exercises in combination with several important nuances will help to get rid of this problem.

You will need
  • – Schedule of meals;
  • – cabbage and yogurt;
  • – honey or blue clay;
  • skipping rope.
Determine what caused the problem with your legs. If the fat appeared as a result of the termination of training, then the actions will be the same, if he was in the knee area always, then time and effort to solve the problem more. In any case, to completely get rid of excess fat in the problem area, you need to approach the solution in a comprehensive manner.

Proper nutrition – a pledge not only of success in getting rid of fat, but also an indicator of health. Before training, eat protein foods. Particularly useful cottage cheese and any dairy products, chicken breast, turkey, beans. Avoid oily and heavy food. Good for food and fish, and vegetables with fruits. You need to eat not only the right food, but in a certain order. Make a chart for yourself. It will be optimal if every day you eat at the same time. It is better to eat small portions of 4-5 once a day. For breakfast, you can eat the most calorie food, but for dinner, limit your tea.

Masks and wraps are becoming more popular in the fight against fat. Not an exception and fat on his knees. Create a habit of doing an 1 once a week mask, and 1 times wrapping. Recipes masks to get rid of fat a lot. For example, you can take the famous recipe cabbage mask. Take a small cabbage cabbage, chop it. Then mix with a little kefir. The consistency of the mask should be thick enough. Apply it to the pre-heated feet. And over the mask you need to impose a cotton bandage. Keep the mask you need 15-20 min.

The most effective wraps for legs are honey and clay. Honey spread on the problem areas of the body, and over wrap the food film. Wear warm enough clothes. The process of applying a clay mask is completely identical. The only difference is that the blue clay must be diluted with warm water before the gruel. After the clay wrap, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream on your knees, so that the skin is not dry. Keep such wraps need 3 hours.

The complex of trainings will be optimal, if both cardio exercises and power are combined. Start with cardio. Running and walking will help quickly burn excess calories and warm up muscles. Run at least 30 minutes.

The exercises are best suited squats. Do the 3 approach over 20 times. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and approaches. While squats, keep your back straight, feet should completely touch the ground. Take care that during the squats weight does not go to the sock. Do the attacks. They exist 2 type: attacks, standing in one place, and lunges when walking. These exercises will help remove fat on your knees from all sides. Lie down on one side. The leg lying on the floor, bend at the knee. And make the second leg with a swing. This will improve the condition of the knees on the sides. It is also remarkable that this exercise will also help to strengthen the buttock muscles.

Buy a rope and jump on it. Start with continuous jumps for 1 min, and then increase the time range. It is also necessary to control the number of jumps performed in 1 min. Jumping on the rope will quickly get rid of not only fat on your knees, but also from excess fat all over your body. This exercise can be replaced by running.

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