How to remove fat from underarms

How to remove fat from underarms
After losing weight in the armpit, fat folds often remain, which are difficult to clean with normal gymnastics. Fortunately, there are complexes of special exercises that eliminate this cosmetic defect.

The cause of fatty folds in the armpits

There is an opinion that fat deposits in the axillae are a consequence of excess weight. However, this is not always true, because this problem is sometimes observed even in very thin girls. Some women have a genetic predisposition to deposition of fat in the upper body.

As a rule, the appearance of fat folds in the underarm area is caused by weak muscles of the chest and shoulders. In addition, ugly folds in this place are formed due to incorrect posture. Another reason for the formation of fatty ridges above the armpit can be the constant wearing of a too tight bra. In this case, the folds are formed just above the edge of uncomfortable laundry.

Exercises and special physical activity

To get rid of fat folds in the armpits, you need to use a combination of power and aerobic exercise. Aerobic loads contribute to getting rid of fat deposits, and strength training strengthens and tightens muscles, improves skin tone, and forms a beautiful posture.

The folds in the armpits resolve when swimming with a crawl or brass. Also with this problem, the simulator simulating rowing on a kayak successfully fights. Fat deposits are efficiently burned when practicing step aerobics, energetic dances, tennis, etc. To strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, it is necessary to wring out from the floor, pull up on the bar and perform exercises with dumbbells.

Especially effective from fat accumulations over axillary depressions is the inclination with burdening. Stand up straight, pick up dumbbells and lift them directly in front of you. Lean forward while holding hands parallel to the legs, and the body – parallel to the floor. Now spread your arms out and hold in this position for 3-4 seconds, and then slowly lower your hands. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

For the next exercise, you will need a medium-sized ball. Stand up straight, lift the ball over your head and squeeze it with your hands. Keep this position for 30 seconds. Pull your arms out with the ball right in front of you and again press down on it with your hands for 30 seconds. Put your hands down and squeeze the ball again 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle of exercises 4-5 times.

After strength training, perform an exercise called "shaking the chest." Stand upright, spread your arms to the sides and in turn put forward your shoulders, gradually accelerating. Keep the hips still. This exercise well relaxes the muscles of the shoulder girdle and improves their blood supply.

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