How to remove fat from the stomach in winter

How to remove fat from the stomach in winter
In winter fatty wrinkles on the abdomen are not uncommon. Lack of activity, overeating on holidays – all this contributes to the accumulation of extra pounds in the waist. How to get rid of them? Let's consider some ways.

To remove fat from the stomach in the winter, you need to act in a complex manner. Do not sit by the TV for hours, but go for a walk, skate or ski. Before a walk, it is advisable to wear a special underwear or waist belt with a massage and warming effect. The weight of winter clothes will also be on hand.

In the street, use all the options: jogging, walking, squats. Even a simple slide from a slide to a child or a paddock Dogs will do good. 35-40 minutes of such a walk, and the fat on the tummy and sides will melt, like butter on a skillet.


Blue clay as a fat-burning agent

At home to remove fat from the stomach and sides will help wrap. Get a blue clay in the drugstore (it's inexpensive, and the healing properties are enough: the blue clay tones and tightens the skin) and food film (which is packed in supermarkets).

Wraps are best done at night. First, take a hot shower, clean and steam the body. Dissolve the clay powder in a deep bowl with warm water. Spread the body from the line under the breast to the bottom of the abdomen. Wrap the film and wrap it in a towel. Wait for 15 minutes. Wash first with warm, then cool water. During a cool shower, rub your stomach and sides with a terry mitten. Lubricate with a fat-burning cream. You can use children's cream with the addition of 3-4 drops of essential oil menthol – it has a tonic effect and pleasantly cold skin.


As a massage, you can use special massage anti-cellulite brushes. After the shower, take a position – lying on your back, spread the belly and sides with baby oil or massage cream. Smooth movements rub your stomach. The direction is always strictly clockwise around the navel. On the sides from the bottom up – lines from the hips to the ribs.


You can do without a brush – massage with your hands: gently squeeze and pinch in the same direction until the skin on the stomach and sides does not turn red.



Shower Charcot against fat on the stomach and sides

Effectively helps to remove fat on the abdomen and sides of Charcot's shower – a strong pressure of a narrow water jet. If there are no problems with the female part (various tumors, fibroids, endometritis, transferred operations, etc.), Charcot's douche will be a real salvation in the fight against fatty creases on the abdomen.

For this procedure, you need to buy a special shower attachment. For the desired effect, the length of the water jet should not be less than a meter. Ask a loved one to help you.

During the procedure, stand straight, arms bent at the elbows, palms in the lock at the back of the head. The helper should direct the stream as if drawing a cross: from top to bottom and then from left to right through the navel. Then circular movements clockwise and finishing point directions – to the top point above the navel (hold 30 seconds), to the right of the navel, left and bottom. Total duration of the procedure: 7-10 minutes.


The nozzle can also be used as an underwater massage. Arrange in a filled bath and let the jet underwater in these lines. Already through 5-10 procedures, the figure will gain the desired perfection.


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