How to remove fat from the sides and thighs

How to remove fat from the sides and thighs
Стройная женская фигура невозможна без упругих thighs and a thin waist. Unfortunately, in these places sometimes fat accumulates, which gives its owners a lot of trouble, you can get rid of it with the help of cosmetic procedures, proper nutrition and sports.

You will need
  • – 2 st.l. honey;
  • – 3 drops of essential oil of lemon;
  • – 3 drops of essential oil of grapefruit;
  • – 70 g ground coffee;
  • – food film.
Избавиться от лишнего жира на бедрах and flanks cosmetic wraps will help. Do them every other day through the course of 10-15 procedures. Thanks to them the problem areas will become more taut and smooth, and in the volumes you will lose 2-3 cm.

Take honey slightly warmed up in a water bath and mix it with essential oils. Distribute this mixture on the sides and hips, then wrap them with food film. On top put on warm pants, but rather wrapped in a warm blanket and lie under it for 40 minutes. At this time, you can drink hot green or herbal tea to enhance sweating. After the procedure, take a shower and smear the skin with a body cream.

Good results can be achieved with the help of coffee wrapping. Dilute the ground coffee with hot water to make a thick slurry, then apply it to problem areas, wrap it with a film, warm it and rinse it off in 30 minutes. After that, moisten the skin with oil or milk for the body.

Another great tool that can be used for weight loss in the sides and hips is a honey massage. Thanks to it, skin tone improves, cellulite manifestations decrease, the silhouette becomes more elegant and clear. To massage, apply a small amount of honey to clean skin and press your palms to it, then tear them off and repeat the movement. Do a massage until a white, thick formation appears on the palms of the hands, then wipe the skin with a wet towel and oil with body milk. Spend 10 massage procedures every other day to achieve visible results.

Aspiring to lose weight, do not forget about physical activity, they will help to get rid of fatty deposits and to find the desired harmony. To engage the sides and hips, you can regularly perform side twists, lunges, squats, bicycles. Excellent results can be achieved by running, bodiflex, swimming, yoga. Reduce the volume on the sides will help twist the hoop for 30 minutes a day.

Proper nutrition is also a necessary condition for finding a beautiful figure. Include in your menu a large number of fresh vegetables, herbs, cereals from whole-grain cereals. Daily drink 5-6 glasses of clean water, refuse from soda, кондитерских изделий, соленой, копченой, жареной и жирной пищи.

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