How to remove false eyelashes

How to remove false eyelashes
Eyelashes not only protect the mucous membrane from moisture and dust, but also decorate the eyes. Thick and black eyelashes increase eyes and make them much more expressive. What to do, if nature did not reward you with thick long eyelashes? You can use the invoices. Often they are used to look good on a holiday, a wedding or a solemn event. However, sooner or later invoices eyelashes need to be removed, otherwise your own will suffer.

You will need
  • Для того, чтобы избавиться от искусственной красоты, вам понадобятся ватные диски, жирный крем или оливковое масло, пинцет.
На несколько минут положите на веки влажный ватный диск. Это размягчит клей и позволит снять eyelashes without injury. It is better to soak the compress with warm water, then it will not bring discomfort eyes.

Using a clean cotton pad, apply along the growth line eyelashes fatty cream or olive butter. Кроме этого, можно использовать means to withdraw make-up, if it contains what-or mineral oils.

Теперь осторожно начните отклеивать ресницы. Можно использовать для этого пинцет. Не делайте резких движений.
If you notice that part of the eyelashes still remain in place, then apply them more cream or oil. In no case do not use force, it can hurt skin of the eyelids.

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