How to remove extensible eyelashes at home

How to remove extensible eyelashes at home
In recent times it has become very fashionable to increase eyelashes. Eyelash eyelashes effectively look, give the eyes a special expressiveness. The main materials for building up are natural hair and cosmetic glue. Such cilia can last from 15-20 days to several months. If for some reason you need to remove eyelashes, then the best option is to remove them in the cabin. True, this procedure costs a little money, but it can be called the most reliable way. If you still want to remove eyelashes at home, then there are three main ways to do this.

The first method is a special liquid for снятия нарощенных ресниц Debonders. It dissolves the glue to which the eyelashes. Стоимость жидкости небольшая. Но хотелось бы отметить, что если клей very strong and poorly dissolves, then no home facilities do not help, you need to go immediately to the salon.

The second method is the use of conventional vegetable Oil. It will not only help to remove eyelashes, but it will also do it with benefit. For this you need both eyelids and eyelashes to spread on the plant oil at night. In the morning, the eyelashes should go away by themselves. But in order for such a withdrawal procedure eyelashes has become also useful, use better burdock or castor oil.

And the last way is to use a very greasy cream. To do this, take a cotton pad, apply the cream on it and apply it to the eyelashes.

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