How to remove dirt from under the nails

How to remove dirt from under the nails
To make your hands look beautiful and neat, you need to keep your nails clean. If dirt gets under your fingernails, you must get rid of it as early as possible, so that it does not dry out and penetrate deeply into the nail plate.

Rule for every day

Removing dirt under the nails should become a daily habit along with washing and cleaning your teeth. It is better to carry out this procedure in the evening, to sleep coming, when you have already taken a shower and know for sure that today you will not have to deal with "dirty deeds". If you are not only interested in appearance, but also in the healthy condition of your nails, you should never use sharp metal objects (nail files, nail scissors, etc.) for cleaning them, as they can easily damage the inner surface of the nail. To do this, it is better to use a wooden stick for manicure and a small soft brush. The most effective way to clean the dirt under your fingernails is by using a brush first, and then a wooden stick. Brush is recommended first lather for softening.

Whitening nails with lemon

Sometimes you can not clean the dirt from under the nails with the help of manicure accessories. In this case, a lemon will help. Take a piece of lemon, squeeze its juice into a small bowl of water and dip your fingers into it for 10-15 minutes. You can just cut the lemon in half and stick the nails into the flesh. After this, rinse your hands or put them in a basin with warm water and rinse.

In order to consolidate this procedure, you can make a natural hand mask. To make it, you need to take a little vegetable oil, a teaspoon of honey and raw egg yolk. How to mix all the ingredients and apply the resulting mass to the hands. Then wrap them in a thin polyethylene film and leave in this state for 30 minutes, then rinse and spread hands with a moisturizer that you usually use. The result is sure to please: the nails will be clean and the skin will become soft and beautiful.

Prevention of dirty nails

Most often, dirt under the nails appears after working in the garden or garden. If it is not too savory, it is removed without any effort after washing your hands with soap or taking a shower. But still, before working with the earth, it is better to wear rubber or rubberized gloves in advance so that dirt does not get clogged under the nail plates.

If the gloves are not at hand, before work, you can scratch your fingernails with an ordinary dry soap. This way you can protect your nails from getting dirt under them. In the absence of other means of protection, you can use a medical plaster: simply glue it on the fingertips, and then the nails will remain cleaner.

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