How to remove corn in 2018 year

How to remove corn in 2018 year
Corn is an overgrowth and densification of the cornified skin, which usually arises from a permanent mechanical effect on the skin. The main causes of this scourge – uncomfortable shoes, the constant wearing of high heels, excess weight, as well as skin diseases.

If you have appeared calluses, то лучшим решением будет обратиться к косметологу или в кабинет pedicure. They will evaluate the problem and suggest the best ways to remove the burrs.

Вывести мозоль можно и дома. Для этого ее необходимо размягчить при помощи горячей baths or a special gel, and then gently cut with a pericardium knife. Do not cut your skin to pink, it's important remove upper coarse layer. Then this place needs to be thoroughly polished with gratings and greased cream.

In order to display corn on the heel, it is necessary to prepare the following solution: 1 tablespoon of baking soda is mixed with 1 tablespoon of crushed laundry soap in two liters of water. The solution should be slightly hot. We load the legs into it for 30 minutes, then we process the corns with pumice stone or a special grater. After that, dry your feet skin and lubricate castor oil. You can rub and a special ointment from the corns, which is sold at the pharmacy. After the bath on your feet, put on cotton socks. Carry out such procedure better just before bedtime.

Если вы натерли свежие мозоли, то лучше сразу позаботиться об их лечении. Для этого рекомендуется dissolve in warm water potassium permanganate (the solution should be gently pink), add a little salt to the basin and immerse the feet in this solution for 15-20 minutes. After this, the feet should be wiped dry. This bath perfectly removes pain and prevents further buildup of corn.

At constant occurrence corns should be purchased more convenient and soft shoes. If this does not help, you should seek medical advice.

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