How to remove circles under the eyes?

How to remove circles under the eyes?
Blue circles under the eyes do not go to anyone. They visually age a person right away for several years, give the patient a tired look, and even the brightest make-up does not improve the situation at all. Therefore, the desire of a woman to get rid of circles is understandable and natural. It's not so easy to do it, but it's real.


Most often, eyes appear as a result of a regular lack of sleep or even after a single, stormy night. Therefore, if you first noticed yourself blue under the eyes, then a good rest and a healthy sleep will cope with them and already in a couple of days your face will shine freshness. But it can also happen that you have established a full-fledged dream, but the problem does not want to leave. It means that roots it lies much deeper and the matter is much more serious. Circles can be caused by a lack of oxygen in the body, signaling a malfunction of the kidneys, liver or gallbladder, or maybe just as a result of prolonged stresses you have a thinning fat pad under the eyes, the vessels become more visible, denoting eyes circles.

The fastest way from the circles under the eyes will help get rid of the trip to a specialized beauty salon. In a good salon with the help of hardware massage you will be provided with the drain of excess fluid from the subcutaneous space, which will help the skin under the eyes to find normal color and density. A cheaper method is to mask the circles with the help of cosmetics. Do not take the first available foundation, find one that includes collagen. Such a cream not only disguises swelling, but also tightens the skin, moistens it, makes it more elastic.

You can resort to the same help domestic means. Decoction of sage will restore the tone and healthy color to the skin of the face. Moisten two cotton swabs with a warm broth, put them on their eyes and lie for 10-15 minutes. The effect after this procedure is noticeable almost immediately.

Circles are often combined with bags under the eyes. Swollen eyelids are well treated with a mask of potatoes. Raw uncleaned potatoes wash, grate on a fine grater, add to it a tablespoon of flour and as much milk. Put the mask on the closed eyes, press down on top with moist tampons, 15-20 minutes is enough for a successful medical treatment.

In addition to masks, you can make a light self-massage of the face. In the morning after waking up and washing massage the skin under the eyes with lightly effaced fingertips. Move in this case from the outer edge of the lower eyelid to bridge of the nose. Press the outer corners of your eyes with your index fingers, pull the skin to your temples, close your eyes tightly for 7 seconds, remove your hands from your face. Repeat the procedure 10 times. Already in a week you will notice a tangible effect. All these simple tricks will let you, if not completely get rid of the circles, then make them at least less noticeable. If, however, in this case, you did not succeed in achieving a color improvement, then consult a doctor for examination. maybe cause circles is much deeper.

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