How to remove cellulite

How to remove cellulite
Such a problem, like cellulite, is familiar to almost all women regardless of their age. No one likes to watch the "orange peel" on his body, but not everyone knows what it can be caused. What is this disease and how to stop being its victim?


What is this disease

"Orange peel" – this is the effect of changing the shape of adipose tissue, which entails the appearance of irregularities on the skin. Your lifestyle and heredity play a big role. For example, representatives of Eastern culture suffer from cellulite much less than Europeans. Women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoke and drink a little liquid, are more prone to the disease. And in general, it is very difficult to determine the presence of cellulite on time, as it develops very slowly.

Ways to get rid of cellulite

Ways to get rid of an unpleasant illness are divided into salon and home. Of course, the passage of special procedures is more expensive, but their effect is more effective.

Salon methods of getting rid of cellulite

1) Massage procedures.

Why do anti-cellulite massages? When rubbing the problem areas, we make the blood flow faster, so the subcutaneous tissue is supplied with oxygen and you get rid of unnecessary substances. Out of the subcutaneous fatty tissues, an excess liquid comes out, fatty clots begin to dissolve. Typically, doctors offer several types of massage.

The most popular are endermological lipomassage, also known as LPG massage, and manual. With LPG massage, the rollers act on the body, which does not cause any discomfort, as a result of which the skin becomes tightened, all irregularities disappear, the body acquires its former appearance. Massage on the basis of vacuum – will help remove fatty lumps, will make the skin more flexible. For him, a "massage bell" is used, in which it falls, then the pressure rises. He can so strongly affect your body that hematomas can remain.

 2) Wraps.

They can be done at home or in the salon. Wraps there is a great variety: cold, hot, mud, chocolate, algal. The result can be observed after several procedures, but for complete recovery it is desirable to take a course from 10-15 wraps.

What to do at home

1.Eat right. It will be necessary to eliminate fatty foods from your diet, drink plenty of water (about seven glasses a day), it removes various toxins from the body, which is very good.

2.Take a contrast shower, if you want, you can do bath procedures. To do this, problem areas should be scrubed with special means.

3. Lead a flexible way of life. True, physical exercises will not help get rid of the disease itself, but they will improve metabolism and contribute to fat burning.

This article listed some methods for getting rid of the "orange peel". Choose a method for yourself depending on the stage of the disease, financial possibilities and the state of your health in general.

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