How to remove cellulite on your legs at home

How to remove cellulite on your legs at home
Many women know what cellulite is. "Orange peel" visually worsens the appearance of the legs and buttocks, the body looks loose and unattractive. But do not despair, putting a number of efforts, you can return the legs to the former elasticity.


Causes of cellulite formation

There are several reasons for the appearance of cellulite:

  • excess weight;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • rigid diets;
  • hereditary factor;
  • improper diet;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • stress;
  • bad habits;
  • lack of fluid in the body.

Improper diet and rigid diets lead to disruption in metabolic processes, breakdowns, excessive weight gain, fat deposition and slagging of the body.

The hungry organism aspires to compensate all the forces for lack of nutrition, which results in active deposition of fats "in reserve" mainly in the legs and buttocks.

Genetics plays an important role, often the predisposition to the formation of cellulite is transmitted from generation to generation.

Harmful habits adversely affect the whole body in general and the formation of cellulite in particular. Nicotine actively destroys vitamin C, which causes the narrowing of the capillaries and thus creates favorable conditions for the appearance of cellulite.

Чрезмерное употребление алкоголя отравляет организм, появляются отеки, нарушается целостность сосудов, накапливаются токсины. У пьющих женщин не бывает красивых ног с гладкой упругой кожей.

The intake of various hormone-containing drugs can cause a malfunction in the body and lead to various disorders, including cellulite.

Home methods of combating cellulite

First, balance your diet and start eating properly. Eliminate from the menu fatty, fried, salty and spicy dishes, minimize consumption of salt, flour and sweet, fast food and soda. The diet should be a sufficient amount of fiber. It is contained in the following products:

  • ржаном и цельнозерновом хлебе;
  • капусте;
  • фасоли;
  • carrots;
  • apples;
  • грушах;
  • raspberries;
  • орехах. 

Include in the menu cereals, lean meats and dairy products.

Соблюдайте питьевой режим. Для выведения токсинов и снятия отечности нужно пить обычную чистую негазированную воду. Если нет ограничений по здоровью, в сутки следует выпивать до 1,5-2 литров воды.

Go in for sports or at least increase daily exercise. You can start with the simplest: as often as possible walk in the fresh air, ignore the elevator and climb the steps, sign up for the gym.

If heavy physical activity is contraindicated to you, or activities in the gym put you in despair, start with swimming in the pool. In the water, all the muscles are worked, but the load on the spine and joints is small. In addition, water has a good massage effect, improves lymph flow and total blood flow.

Watch your weight, but do not allow sudden body weight changes. "Weight swings" are bad for health and appearance, stretch marks may appear on the skin.

Pilates, bodyflex and callanetics have an excellent effect. Exercises of these complexes stimulate blood flow to certain parts of the body and help burn excess fat and tighten muscles exactly where it is needed.

Regularly massage with oils and anti-cellulite products. Buy a hard loofah and rub her problem areas, you can buy a special vibro-massager.

At home, you can conduct various anti-cellulite procedures (scrubbing, massage, wrap, contrast shower).

1-2 times a week do body scrubbing, pay special attention to problem areas. As a scrub, you can use cosmetics, thick with spilled coffee along with honey or ordinary shower gel, sea salt with fine grind with essential oil of orange or grapefruit. After scrubbing, rinse the skin with warm water, blot and apply anti-cellulite cream.

Mustard wraps are very helpful in combating the "orange peel". Take an 1 glass of mustard powder and dilute with warm water until it is mushy, you can add a tablespoon of liquid honey. Apply the mustard mixture to the problem areas, wrap the food wrap and put on warm clothes. You do not need to sit quietly, move, you can do some physical exercises or do household chores. After 15-20 minutes, wash the mustard and apply a moisturizing cream. A little burning is a good indicator, so mustard works.

Mustard wrap has a number of contraindications: varicose veins, pregnancy, gynecological and oncological diseases, lesions on the skin.

The main thing is not to hide, but to start the fight against cellulite in time, to implement the above recommendations and soon your legs will again become smooth and beautiful.


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