How to remove cellulite in the home

How to remove cellulite in the home
Cellulite – deposits of fat and water under the skin in problem areas. Recently, not wanting to put up with an unaesthetic orange peel, women resort to a lot of tricks. Created and found a huge number of recipes to eliminate the appearance defect.

Прежде всего, начните с физических упражнений. Они помогут вам подтянуть мышцы и ослабить проявления cellulite. To do this, do not need to look for special exercises. Just do daily exercises, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal and buttocks. It is these zones that are problematic and are most often susceptible to the appearance of cellulite. During the day, try to walk more. Thus, you will strengthen the muscles of the legs. Go swimming or cycling.

You need to change your eating habits a little. Continuing to absorb chocolate and animal fats, you will never get rid of against cellulite. All efforts will be in vain, since all the fat contained in such products will tend to return to the problem areas that he liked. Instead of sweet dishes, eat more fruit. And give up carbonated drinks.

Займитесь массажем. Не нужно проходить специальные курсы. Приобретите анисовое масло и розовое. Купите рукавичку для принятия ванн. Смешайте небольшое количество оливкового масла с несколькими каплями эфирного и втирайте в кожу проблемных мест до полного впитывания. После этого наденьте рукавичку и разотрите кожу.

Хорошо повышают упругость кожи в проблемных местах обертывания. Используйте для них морские водоросли. Микроэлементы, содержащиеся в их составе, питают кожу и hamper fat deposition.
Use the clay. Mix it with the infusion of chamomile, not completely chilled. The resulting mixture is applied to the problem area and wrapped with cellophane. Wrap the top with a warm cloth to create a warming effect. Lie quietly 20 minutes and rinse the clay with warm water.

Spend daily such an aqueous procedure, as a contrast shower. Finish it constantly with cold water. This will improve microcirculation of blood in fatty tissues.

Remove from the body of slag. To do this, drink infusion of birch leaves in the intervals between meals. Drink a cup of infusion at a time. You can use bearberry or kidney tea, but not more than 4 weeks.

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