How to remove cellulite in the home?

How to remove cellulite in the home?
Beautiful and smart skin without the slightest signs of cellulite is the dream of most women. Especially it would be desirable to have an ideal silhouette in the summer, when short shorts and dresses oblige to demonstrate an open body.

Some beauties prepare for the beach season in advance and after the New Year holidays they begin to follow their food, visit the gym and, naturally, do many procedures to get rid of the "orange" peel. How to be, if before the holiday a little more than a month, and your skin is still far from ideal? To panic it is not necessary, it's time to learn, how to quickly get rid of cellulite.

Of course, to feed illusions about the fact that all imperfections will be lost by the stroke of a magic wand is not worth it. To get rid of cellulite, you have to work, but it's worth it. So, we believe that in stock you have 1 a month's time to give your skin a perfect look, you should do the following:

  • Scrubbing. Scrub can be bought as an industrial production, so make your own hands. If you want to create a handmade, then as a basis for scrubbing, take your favorite shower gel. Now add there hard particles: granules of ground coffee, large salt or sugar. Apply the purchased or homemade remedy to problem areas and carefully massage around 5-7 minutes, then you can wash off the scrub. Carry out the procedure every day. This will improve blood circulation and restore skin tone.
  • Wraps. Once every two days after the shower with scrub, apply to the areas affected by cellulite, a mixture for wraps. It can be bought at any cosmetics store or pharmacy, and also made independently of clay, algae, honey, etc. If you use the purchased one, take a remedy with a cooling effect, it has fewer contraindications and perfectly tones up the skin.
  • Massage. If you do not have any chronic ailments, then connect to your anti-cellulite program massage. The best effect is given by the can. Silicone cans are sold in pharmacies, but before you perform the procedure, consult a doctor, there are a number of contraindications. If the doctor will allow you to massage, then you need to do it every other day. You can alternate like this: a day of massage, a day of wrapping.
  • The use of anti-cellulite creams. After carrying out all the above procedures, apply to the skin special care products: cream-lifting, anti-cellulite serum or something else for the elasticity of the skin. Choose such cosmetics for your taste and prosperity. For example, good reviews have funds from Floresan, Vitex, Garanier and others. Any chosen cream rub into the skin with massage movements until completely absorbed.

If you daily and painstakingly work on yourself, carrying out all caring procedures, then cellulite on the legs, the priest, stomach and other problem areas will leave without a trace. And if you want to speed up the process, then watch out for food: at least remove from the diet carbonated drinks, fast-foothold and spicy and salty foods in the evenings, and add a little sport. But even if you can not eat properly and play sports, then properly organized care will give an excellent result.

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