How to remove cellulite from your legs

How to remove cellulite from your legs
The appearance of cellulite indicates a variety of violations in the body. Its cause may be an improper diet, a sedentary lifestyle, stagnant phenomena in the blood, hormonal imbalance, bad habits (alcohol, tobacco), as well as hereditary predisposition.

Get rid of cellulite Honey massage will help. In order to do it, take a small amount of honey and smear it on those legs where you have cellulite. Then, with patting movements, walk several times in these places until the skin begins to tighten. Rinse the honey under warm water.

Do exercises that are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the upper legs. Do squats at least 30 times a day.

Sit on the floor, legs extend completely forward. Then, without bending your knees, "creep" from one end of the room to the other. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Озонотерапия также поможет в лечении целлюлита. Дело в том, что озон положительно влияет на кровообращение, а также восстанавливает процесс производства биологически активных веществ организмом. Уже после нескольких совершенных процедур появляется чувство легкости, “Orange peel"begins to disappear, and the skin is noticeably tightened.

Do the exercise "bike". To do this, lie on the floor, on your back. Then put your hands under your head, and lift your legs and bend at your knees. Then start to twist your feet as if you are riding a bicycle. Do this exercise at least 50 once a day.

Принимайте ванны с морской солью. Прямо в ванной сделайте массаж ног. Для этого можете приобрести специальный антицеллюлитный массажер либо действуйте руками. Массаж выполняйте следующим образом: намажьте  ноги эфирным косметическим маслом, а затем растирайте его круговыми движениями.

Also helps to get rid of against cellulite liposuction. This procedure allows very fast remove excess fat, but it does not treat cellulite. Therefore, after liposuction it can form again. The operation itself consists in making punctures with special needles in those parts of the body that need to be rid of excess fat.

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