How to remove calluses on toes

How to remove calluses on toes
If you put on new sandals in the morning, and by the evening you can not step on feet because of the corns that have formed, urgently remove the new thing and start solving this problem. Business after all serious. And do not panic if you do not know how to best remove corns on toes. Useful tips have not been canceled yet.

First of all, do горячую ванночку с potassium permanganate or 2% solution of boric acid. After this, carefully dry your feet, and pour the callus with talc or oil it with baby cream.

You can try a vodka compress. Spread the corn with vodka, apply a bandage bandage, cover with cellophane, and put a woolen toe on your leg.

If the fingers formed corns with fluid, then in no case pierce them – it can lead to infection! Lubricate the blister with green and wait until it falls. If the corn has burst, then it is necessary to treat its surface with any disinfectant (3% hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine), after what to isolate corn with a bandage band or band-aid.

If the corn on the fingers old and horny, then escape From it it is possible as follows: make a hot bath with the sea salt or cookery soda. После этого возьмите специальный нож для удаления мозолей или пемзу и счистите потертость. Затем обработайте кожу питательным кремом и наденьте хлопчатобумажные носочки.

Pharmacies sell special plasters for the removal of calluses. If you are comfortable with this method, be sure to try it out.

To combat мозолями on the fingers you can try and folk средства. К примеру, привязать к больному месту листики капусты, замотать чем-то теплым и оставить на ночь. Можно также попробовать смазывать потертость растительным маслом в течение нескольких дней – мозоль постепенно смягчится и исчезнет.

When wetting or constantly inflamed calluses is recommended immediately to consult a dermatologist.

To prevent the corn from reappearing, it is necessary to put special silicone gaskets into the shoes, which will protect your fingers from scuffs.

Если мозоли возникают регулярно, значит вы подобрали неправильную обувь. Высокие каблуки, неправильный взъем, а также тесная колодка способствуют образованию мозолей и приводят к деформации feet.

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