How to remove burrs

How to remove burrs
Burrs are small ruptures of the skin located around the nail plate. They not only give the hands a sloppy look, but also cause a lot of inconveniences and painful sensations. How do you manually remove the burrs?

You will need
  • – nail file;
  • – щипчики;
  • – wadded disks;
  • – spirit lotion;
  • – масляный раствор для кутикулы;
  • – эфирное масло цитрусовых;
  • – nutritious cream;
  • – a towel;
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – cotton gloves.
Тщательно продезинфицируйте все маникюрные инструменты, протерев их ватным диском, смоченном в спиртовом лосьоне.

Prepare a bath for hands. To do this, add drops of essential oil to warm water 6-12. Oil is suitable for orange, lemon, eucalyptus, chamomile or bergamot. If you do not have essential oil, you can use almond, olive or even vegetable. Put your hands in the oil solution for 15-20 minutes. Wipe dry with a towel.

Take the tweezers to remove the burrs. It should be remembered that special tweezers are used to remove them – they must have beveled edges and trihedral edges. This design allows the cutting edges of the cutters to fit tightly to the skin. Make sure your tweezers are smooth.

Open the wire cutters approximately at 1 mm and attach them to the burr. Cut along the arc dry skin, without touching the living cuticle. Burrs, located on the sides of the nail plate, are cut with a herringbone. Do not stretch the skin – try to cut it off at the base. If you hurt the living skin and blood appears on the surface, immediately cut the cut with hydrogen peroxide.

Apply an oily cuticle solution to the skin around the nails and let it soak. Lubricate your hands with a nourishing or moisturizing cream. If possible, put on cotton gloves and leave them overnight.

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