How to remove bruises under the eyes

How to remove bruises under the eyes
Some disadvantages of appearance can be hidden under clothes. But a fairly common problem – bruises under eyes it is necessary to hide with the help of cosmetics. Every year new products are released from them. But it is better to eliminate the very cause of bruising than to try to remove the effect.

You will need
  • – parsley;
  • – sour cream;
  • – Sage;
  • – fennel;
  • – chamomile;
  • – Cornflower flowers.
Очень не повезло тем женщинам, у кого синяки under the eyes are due to anatomical reasons. Such people have very thin skin, through which the blood vessels are visible through. Perhaps if they lived permanently where clean air, eco-friendly food, slept for a sufficient amount of time and did not experience stress, bruises would not be so noticeable. But this way of life can not afford many. Those who were born with thin skin, it remains only to mask the area under the eyes with the help of a concealer and constantly look for an effective remedy against dark circles.

Often bruises under the eyes indicate a lack of oxygen in the body. In this case, walk in the park more often. And on weekends, do not refuse to travel outside the city. And of course, do not forget about proper nutrition. Even the most useful cream will have no effect if you are a fan of fast food and forget about taking vitamins.

Если у вас синяки с желтым отливом, то обратите внимание на состояние своей печени и желчного пузыря. Такая окраска кожи может свидетельствовать о серьезных нарушениях в работе этих органов.

Use a special tool for the area around the eyes. A good moisturizer necessarily contains gilauronic acid, which helps maintain moisture in the skin. Due to this, it remains dense and elastic. It is desirable that the cream contained in its composition and manganese, which normalizes blood circulation and helps to avoid stagnation of blood, including in the eye area.

In some cases, cosmetic procedures will do more good than a variety of creams. It's about mesotherapy and birevitalization. With their help, useful substances are delivered directly to problematic areas. And the composition of the cocktails that are introduced are selected individually for each client, in contrast to creams that have a permanent composition. This makes it possible to effectively solve the problem in each specific case.

It helps to whiten the skin under the eyes with parsley. Make a mask of chopped green. And to soften the skin under the eyes, mix it with sour cream. This mask is applied to the skin for 15 minutes, after which it is washed off with cool water. But to achieve a visible result, the mask should be done regularly, at intervals of at least several times a week.

Take the rule in the morning to wipe the skin under the eyes with cosmetic ice. Make it from broths of herbs. Sage, dill, chamomile and cornflower flowers are suitable for this.

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