How to remove bruises under the eyes at home quickly

How to remove bruises under the eyes at home quickly
Modern techniques allow you to remove bruises under the eyes at home quickly and without harm to health. For this, folk remedies are used, as well as special cosmetic procedures that improve the quality of the skin in the eye area.

Use ordinary raw or boiled potatoes to quickly remove bruises under the eyes in the home conditions. Например, можно очистить клубень и нарезать мелко на терке. Смешайте с полученной массой геркулес либо овес в равных пропорциях, добавьте молоко, перемешав так, чтобы получилась густая кашица. Нанесите ее на проблемные участки кожи в области глаз и держите в течение 20-30 минут. Смойте маску и дополнительно нанесите на кожу увлажняющий крем.

An even simpler way to quickly get rid of bruises under the eyes in Home conditions с помощью картофеля – вырезать из него два круглых ломтика и положить по одному на каждый глаз. Полежите с такой маской в течение 15 минут. Либо воспользуйтесь отварным картофелем, разбавив его молоком и перемешав, чтобы получилось пюре. Поместите пюре на проблемные участки на непродолжительное время и затем умойтесь. Подобные маски можно использовать ежедневно по вечерам, чередуя способы их приготовления, до тех пор, пока не станут заметны улучшения.

You can remove dark circles under the eyes at home with fresh parsley, chopping it and putting it on the skin in the eye area. At the top, the mask should be lightly pressed with a cloth napkin. Time of face mask retention -15 minutes. You can strengthen the action of this mask if you freeze parsley in ice cubes and wipe them with bruises under the eyes every day in the morning and in the evening.

Known way to get rid of bruises under the eyes – curd. Rub fine-grained cottage cheese and apply on skin 20 minutes. Dampen the napkins in green or black tea and wipe the places where the mask was located. You can also make cotton-based lotions on the basis of tea or use tea bags, applying them to the right areas on the face.

Try to improve the skin around the eyes with bread crumb, pre-dipping it into milk. Place the mask on the skin and hold for 20 minutes. After removing the mask, do not rush to wash: get rid of the remnants of bread should be dipped in milk cotton wool. Regular application of this mask will brighten and smooth the skin under the eyes, make it shade uniform and give a healthy appearance.

If you can not quickly remove bruises under the eyes at home, contact a qualified beautician who will examine the skin, give useful advice and prescribe effective medical procedures. For example, modern methods of fighting bruises and similar problems are birevitalization and mesotherapy. Each patient is assigned a certain nutritional composition, which is applied to problem areas and allows you to get rid of an annoying disease as soon as possible.

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