How to remove bags under the eyes of folk remedies

How to remove bags under the eyes of folk remedies
Sometimes, when you look in the mirror in the morning, you can come to a state of horror without recognizing yourself. Eyes with dark unpleasant swelling underneath change their face beyond recognition, obviously not adding confidence and mood for the coming day. Causes of bags under the eyes can be a lot – a lot of liquids or alcohol, drunk in the evening, fatigue and lack of sleep, age and some diseases. For those who were not accompanied by bags for a lifetime and appeared for obvious reasons from the outside, there are several ways to deal with them.

Охладите кожу

Use one of the most effective methods to combat bags under the eyes – cool the skin. Use ice cubes, with which for a few minutes, lightly massage the skin around the eyes. For the best result, instead of the usual water, pour the decoction of herbs into the ice molds, for example, sage.

Use parsley

This greens perfectly refreshes the skin, dispersing the liquid under it. Finely chop parsley, it will take about one tablespoon. Pour a glass of steep boiling water and let it brew 20 minutes. Slightly cool. Make a warm gadget for 10-15 minutes and your appearance again will please you. FROM parsley можно сделать и подобие маски. Нарубите петрушку (1 ч.л.) и смешайте с 1 ч.л. сметаны. Нанесите смесь на веки на 10 минут.

Воспользуйтесь картофелем

You can simply cut a few plates from the raw potatoes and attach them to 20 minutes. It will be more effective to grate it on a grater, wrap it in gauze and attach it to the eyelids. Another variant of the mask with potatoes is to mix it with 2 tsp. flour and 2 ч.л. milk. Use the mask for 10-15 minutes.

Scrub the cucumber, raw potatoes and chop the parsley

This mixture is wrapped in gauze and attach to the eyelids. A triple blow can not stand neither bags under the eyes, nor dark circles.

Make a compress of sage

Для этого залейте 1 ч.л. шалфея половиной стакана кипятка, оставьте на 10 минут в закрытой таре, затем процедите. Отлейте половину и поставьте в холодильник на 5 минут, другую половину поддерживайте в теплом состоянии. Лягте и приложите компресс с теплым настоем на 10 минут. Снимите и сразу же приложите компресс с холодным на a same time. The best effect will be achieved with several changes of warm and cold compress.


Возможно, ваш ритм жизни несколько тороплив, и организм таким образом показывает вам необходимость в передышке. Проследите за тем, чтобы сон составлял не менее 8 часов, исключите алкоголь хотя бы на некоторое время, уменьшите количество потребляемой соли. Скорее всего, после таких перемен in the image life your body will thank you not only for the missing bags, but also a healthy complexion and a great mood.

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