How to remove asterisks on your feet

How to remove asterisks on your feet
Vascular asterisks on the legs are the result of the expansion of the intradermal vessels. Most often, women face this phenomenon. The subcutaneous vein, which supplies blood to a small vessel, expands due to increased pressure. And this pressure is transmitted to the capillary, as if bursting it from the inside. As a result, a red star is formed on the skin.

Note that the asterisk legs are not amenable to treatment. Whatever folk recipes you have not experienced on your own legs, trying to get rid of the unpleasant kind, you can not improve the situation in any way. The problem is that these vessels have already ceased to function normally. And interfere with the blood flow. Therefore, the way to fix a defect is only one – removal.

pay attention to sclerotherapy. To date, this is the most effective method of removing the spider veins. In order to do this procedure, consult a phlebologist. Only after consulting with him you can find out whether this method is suitable for you. With sclerotherapy, removal of defective vessels is carried out using a special preparation. It is introduced into the vessel with a thin needle, and the cells glue together. The vessel seems to collapse. Then for several days the patient wears a compression stocking, which continues to hold the vessels in a glued state. The course of treatment usually lasts 2-3 a week. During this time, several sessions are held. Already formed stars are subjected to the same treatment. The technique is practically painless and gives a positive and quick result.

You can try using laser coagulation. But remember that the laser, as a rule, corrects only the defect of the vessels, but often can not remove the very star. In addition, the method has a significant number of contraindications. Therefore, first consult a phlebologist. If you are shown a laser, then keep in mind that two weeks before the procedure you can not sunbathe. The procedure itself is painless. The patient may feel a slight tingling sensation.

Clean your asterisks on foot with the help of thermocoagulation. This effect on the affected capillaries by high-frequency current. The procedure is quite effective and painless. During it, blood from the capillary is guided back from the edge of the capillary to the subcutaneous vein. The tissues surrounding the vessel are not damaged in this case. Within two days, redness of the skin at the site of application of the current is possible.

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