How to remove acne on the nose

How to remove acne on the nose
Problems with the skin constantly spoil our mood. Everyone wants to have a flawless skin. Remove acne from the nose is not so difficult, the main thing is to follow a few simple rules. Then your skin will be beautiful and healthy.

You will need
  • Chamomile, mint, sage
First, is pay special attention to your diet. It is necessary to exclude from it fatty, sharp and salty dishes, and also chocolate and fat. Eat vegetable foods, such as fish, dairy products, meat. And necessary vitamins: eat more fruits and vegetables.

Большую роль играет активный образ жизни. Обязательно делайте зарядку каждое утро. Несколько раз в week go to the gym, or go to the stadium. This will allow display from your body unnecessary slags and toxins. Also, drink as much water as possible during the day, as it perfectly cleanses the body.

That remove acne from the nose, it is necessary to perform a number of procedures every morning and evening. Wash with a gel to washing in cold water. Do it several times a week masks. During the week, every day, do steam masks for the face. Make a decoction of herbs. Chamomile, mint and sage, all according to 1 tablespoon, fill with 3-liters of hot water and boil for several minutes. Then, cleanse the face with this decoction. After the procedure, pour the broth into a large container and stand over the steam, covering head towel for 15 minutes.

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