How to remove a tumor on the lip

How to remove a tumor on the lip
A tumor on the lip may appear for various reasons. For example, as a result of an allergy to a product – pineapple, grapes, citrus fruits, chocolate. It can also be the result of a stroke or damage, for example, after prima at the dentist. Often, lip formations are due to herpes. For each case, different ways of removing the edema are needed.

If the edema of the lip caused an allergy, in this case it is necessary, first, to exclude from the diet an allergenic product, and also to take anti-allergenic drugs. Now the drugstore sells various antihistamines, for example, Tavegil, Suproostin, and so on. Accept the one you usually use or consult a doctor.

On impact or other mechanical damage, a bruise or bruise may form on the lip. It causes puffiness, which, of course, spoils the appearance. Make sure that the wound is not dangerous and use any of the ways that you can remove bruise. Sometimes cold helps. Apply ice to the swelling, wrapped in a clean handkerchief or napkin, and hold for a few minutes.

Then repeat the procedure a few more times until you notice visible improvements. Do not keep a long time and do not apply ice, not wrapped in a bandage or scarf – this can cause hypothermia and even tissue necrosis! If there is no ice at hand, you can use a napkin soaked in cold water.

With any swelling and bruises very good helps the body. You can buy it in a pharmacy in the form of a powder (in this case it is necessary dissolve water) or gel. Apply the body to the damaged area, the tumor will gradually come down to "no".

После механических повреждений и ударов хорошо снимите опухоль при помощи свинцовой примочки. Сейчас в аптеках продается специальная свинцовая вода. Ее лучше держать в холодильнике. Намочите в ней ватный диск и прикладывайте к поврежденному месту.

To relieve swelling after strike You can use any ointment after bruises, which does not have a warming effect. Spread it with a swollen place.

If the swelling on the lip was the result of a virus herpes, then it is necessary to eliminate the cause. Ask your doctor about this. And here symptoms herpes (those same sores and tumors on the lip) can be removed with the help of ointments that are sold in pharmacies, for example, ointment acyclovir, Gerpivir or synthamycin ointment is very helpful. In any case, before using any remedy, consult a doctor.

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