How to remove a swelling of the face

How to remove a swelling of the face
A tumor on the face is always a big trouble, which can decently ruin the life. But I am glad that for the treatment of a tumor on the face, which is a consequence of a bruise or stroke, there are many folk remedies. The speed of curing a tumor directly depends on how quickly you begin to treat it.

Чтобы опухоль быстрее спала, необходимо прикладывать к ней пакет со льдом, либо холодный компресс. Это рекомендуется делать first of all, before using all other means.

A good tool is a badyear. This is a freshwater sponge, which is sold in a pharmacy in the form of powder or gel. The bandage should be kept for a long time. It must dry on the face, so that the healing properties manifested in full мере.

Широко известным является следующий метод – прикладывать к edemahave raw meat. This method should be used immediately after the damage, otherwise there will not be any sense.

Also for deliverance от отечности к ушибу прикладывают кусок сливочного масла.

Свежие огурцы неплохо помогают remove отек с face. Кроме того, они являются прекрасным косметическим средством, так что use от такого лечения будет двойная.

You can try a Means: tablet analgin to crush and mix with iodine. Полученную мазь apply to the place of the bruise, updating it as it dries.

To remove swelling, you need to apply to the tumor a lead lotion that can be buy in any pharmacy. For maximum efficiency, it should be cool.

Старый испытанный способ, которым нас лечили наши бабушки – прикладывать к отеку прохладный медный пятак.

If to traditional medicine of trust more than to folk medicine, you can ask the pharmacist Lyoton-gel, Dolobene-gel, or Troxevasin. These funds are good at removing the tumor from the face.

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