How to remove a scar

How to remove a scar
Scars and scars can disfigure the body if they are in a prominent place that can not be covered with clothing. To get rid of skin defects it is possible both with the help of modern methods and folk remedies.

Address to the cosmetician, that to you have picked up an optimum variant of disposal of a scar. In principle, you can visit just a surgeon. Preference should be given to clinics with a good reputation, in which specialists with a long experience work.

If you do not have a very tight scar, you can be assigned microdermabrasion. You will have a similar procedure in any beauty salon. Sometimes apply chemical peeling. Redness on the skin will last for a couple of days, after which it will pass. You will notice a positive result in several sessions.

In some cases, it is prescribed to burn the scar with a laser. But if the scar is extensive and dense, there may not be an effect. But the doctor is able to assess the condition of the skin and accurately choose a way to get rid of a defect.

Laser skin resurfacing with the addition of a chemical preparation also helps to get rid of the scar. But in this combination, the laser affects a little differently – it only enhances the effect of the agent, which was previously applied to the skin.

Surgical scar excision – the most effective way to get rid of the scar, but is used extremely rarely. You will be обезболивающий drug, after that they will remove a dense patch of skin and make a small seam. Then you will need to properly care for the damaged area to avoid the subsequent appearance of a scar.

There are also various creams that, with prolonged use, help get rid of the scar. They have a resolving effect, reduce tissue density and accelerate regeneration. But they can be used only by the appointment of a surgeon or a cosmetologist. Some scars, for example, colloidal heal thus it is impossible.

Traditional treatment should be practiced only after consultation with a doctor. There are many different recipes, but they do not always help to get rid of the scar. Contact the hospital and check with a specialist.

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