How to remove a scar on your face

How to remove a scar on your face
Reducing the scars on the face is an individual matter. Men relate to this in different ways, but women … Dam scars do not adorn, that's for sure. And this means that a "spoiled" face requires intervention. It should, of course, be remembered that not all scars can be removed without traces. But those scars, which can not be completely removed, can be made almost invisible. Remove scar on the face can be two ways, surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical removal route scars and scars:
With the help of laser removal удаляют mainly hypertrophic scars. This method consists in destroying лазером грубой соединительной ткани и стимулировании образования новых, эластичных волокон. Местное обезболивание makes procedure painless. The duration of the procedure for laser removal of scars takes from five minutes to an hour. Intermediate effect can be seen already through week, the final effect becomes visible after 3-6 months. Often after operation Laser removal is prescribed peeling.
For shallow scars and scars, peeling is suitable. This операция при добавлении фруктовых кислот повышает упругость кожи и выравнивает рельеф, а также делает разницу между цветом кожи и шрама почти незаметной. После поверхностного peeling can be appointed chemical.

Surgical way:
Ways to remove a scar with the help of surgery are many. One of them is the excision of the scar and the imposition of intradermal sutures. Also make plastic and the change of the contours of the rumen, the plastic of the rumen with the subsequent skin transplantation.
Expanding dermotension is used to remove extensive scars and scars. It consists of two steps. The first involves sewing the expander (silicone bag) into the skin near the site of the scar and introducing into it a physiological solution that stretches the skin over the scar. The second stage consists in removal of the sac, excision of the scar and skin tightening.

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