How to remove a pimple from your face

How to remove a pimple from your face
Acne on the face – the phenomenon is unpleasant and to some extent painful. Even one, jumped in a prominent place at absolutely inopportune time, can significantly spoil the mood. No wonder that acne owners try to get rid of uninvited guests as soon as possible. And for this it is not necessary to expose yourself to painful procedures.

Occasionally the occurrence pimples is caused by internal problems of the body. But before you start the process of getting rid of acne, you need to find out the reason why they have you. A visit to a doctor will greatly simplify the task – it may happen that the doctor will detect acne in you – a hormone-mediated inflammation of the sebaceous glands, in which a special treatment course will radically solve the problem. But if acne arise at you from time to time and are purely cosmetic problem, it is possible to try to clean them independently. Reconsider your food, drink more fluids, all this will на пользу состоянию вашей кожи.

A thorough cleansing of the face will be a good preventive measure for acne. Better yet use special means for washing. Simple water from the tap, in combination with toilet soap, will lead to overdrying of the skin and aggravation of existing problems. But one can not get rid of acne. Even with the most careful care of the intrusive pimple can arise literally from nowhere. If a pimple has already appeared, squeeze it is in no way impossible. Pimple is a purulent inflammation, squeezing it out hands, you can enter into your body dirt and even infection, and on the site, which has been squeezed, most likely a disfiguring scar is formed. It is better to make a drying desinfecting lotion, for example, from tea brewing or chamomile infusion. As a more radical remedy, you can lubricate the pimple with tea tree oil, this oil is an excellent antiseptic, but you need to handle it carefully to avoid skin burns. After it is put in place acne мазь, способствующую заживлению – Пантенол, Бепантен и другие. Процедуру можно повторять до 4-5 раз в день. И ни в коем случае не замазывайте уже появившиеся прыщи тональным кремом или пудрой. Вреда от такой маскировки несравненно больше нежели пользы.

Не вздумайте последовать совету, в котором рекомендуется приложить к прыщу горячее яйцо или любой другой теплый предмет. Тепло не ускорит процесс вызревания прыща, но под его воздействием гнойный очаг может значительно увеличиться. И ни в коем случае не замазывайте уже появившиеся прыщи тональным кремом или пудрой. Вреда от такой маскировки несравненно больше, нежели пользы. Закупоренные поры будут только способствовать возникновению новых очагов воспаления на лице. Лучше прибегнуть к народным методам лечения угревой сыпи. Чистка лица при помощи соли раз в неделю в сочетании с маской из белой глины сделает ваше лицо свободным от этой напасти. Для приготовления маски смешайте две столовых ложки белой глины с 20 каплями лимонного сока и 20 г. настойки календулы. Нанесите маску на лицо и оставьте на 15-20 минут. Такая маска стянет кожу, подсушит намечающиеся pimplesTo the already appeared pimple is well to apply finely grated potatoes, potato juice is an excellent absorbing and anti-inflammatory agent. If you follow all the recommendations and regularly take care of your skin, then you will forget about acne seriously and for a long time.

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