How to remove a mustache

How to remove a mustache
Hair on the face for women is a punishment. Usually the antennae above the upper lip grow in elderly women during the extinction of the genital function of the body – menopause. This occurs as a result of changes in the hormonal balance. But sometimes such a surprise of nature appears in the young girls, which causes them a lot of inconvenience. How can you remove the antennae?

Обычно для удаления усов прибегают к выщипыванию пинцетом, но это далеко не идеальный метод. Во-первых, очень больно удалять пинцетом каждый волосок, во-вторых, скоро нарастает темная bristle, thirdly, small, colorless hairs are pulled out, and again they grow more coarse and darker.

Waxing (waxing) is not any better than the previous method, however, hair pulled out at once, but just as amicably grow after a week. Ready-made wax strips are commercially available. You just have to warm them up, put them on your skin and pull them off sharply.

Sugar epilation (shugaring) is quite feasible in domestic conditions. The procedure is painful, but for the sake of beauty will have to wait. To weld a mixture for shugaring is not difficult. You will need sugar and water in the proportion of one to ten, a little lemon juice. On a low heat, bring the mixture to a boil, cook a little more until a brownish color appears. To check if the mass is ready, roll a couple of drops with your fingers, if the ball rolls down, you can start removing the mustache. Roll the sugar ball into the hairs and pull it off. Lubricate the skin with cream.

One way to solve the issue, how to remove antennae в Home conditions, является применение депиляционных кремов. Пользоваться таким кремом можно только тем, у кого нет аллергии. Действие крема заключается в разрушении кератина, поэтому volos fast удаляется. Кроме того, регулярное применение депиляционного крема постепенно разрушает волосяную луковицу, рост волос замедляется и прекращается.

But the most effective methods against female whiskers are recognized salon procedures: electroepilation, laser hair removal, bioepilation, photoepilation and quantum hair removal. All these procedures are very popular and will help for a long time удалить усики.

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