How to remain thin

How to remain thin
Sometimes you want to remove stress or dispel melancholy with chocolate sweets or tea and cakes. However, as a result, you can not notice how extra pounds overpower your figure. If you want to remain thin, you must follow certain rules, so that your slender figure will attract the envious glances of the fatties on the beach.

The foods you eat should be rich in nutrients, but do not be fat. Instead of high-calorie baking, it is better to choose a plate of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with fruit. Distribute your diet correctly, that is, do not eat up at a time before dumping, eat better in small portions and more often (the interval between meals should be at least four hours). Make a menu and stick to it, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (can be replaced with dried fruits). Exclude from the diet of coffee, drink more green tea. The first dishes will create a feeling of satiety and a low calorie, so soups should always be on your table at lunch.

Чтобы оставаться всегда в форме, вам следует заняться спортом или вести активный образ жизни. Поэтому лучшим решением может стать покупка абонемента в бассейн, фитнес-центр или тренажерный зал. Если вы очень устаете на работе, посещайте спортзал хотя бы раз в неделю в выходной день. А дома после трудового дня потанцуйте под заводную музыку или покрутите педали велотренажера. Не стоит также забывать об обязательном ритуале с утра – зарядке, благодаря которой вы не только будете поддерживать себя в форме, но и получите отличный заряд бодрости на целый день.

Every time you want to pamper yourself with something delicious, imagine a little and imagine how many kilograms you can collect, and what your slender figure will turn into after that. Look at yourself in the mirror, as you are slim and beautiful, you are self-confident and full of energy. Memorize this slender image in your memory and return to it each time when you begin to beckon with a cake with butter cream or a large milk chocolate.

Try to sleep at least eight hours a day, in winter this time can be increased by one to two hours, since lack of sleep leads to an increase in appetite. Once a week, visit the bath to accumulate toxins and accidentally appeared subcutaneous fat after eating cake could come out through the steamed pores. Bath not only provides a fortifying effect, but in combination with proper nutrition will help to prevent obesity.

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