How to relieve fatigue in the legs

How to relieve fatigue in the legs
However strange it may seem, we may well feel fatigue in feet and calves as after a whole day spent on legs, так и от долгого рабочего дня в офисе, где сидели за компьютером. Дело в том, что fatigue в legs causes an influx of blood, which is maximum as from a long sitting, and from a long walk. Remove fatigue legs in both the first and second cases can be literally in fifteen to twenty minutes.

In case you have a sedentary character work, it is worth every hour to get up to walk. This will allow the stagnant blood to disperse along the entire length of the leg, and will save you from painful sensations from edema. Можете прогуляться или просто потоптаться на месте. Сделайте несколько приседаний и наклонов, чтобы окончательно размяться.

If you are tired of the fact that lot walked, sit or lie down so that your feet are above the hip joint. This will ensure the outflow of venous blood and lymph, in fifteen to twenty minutes you can easily return to their activities. In the evening, make sure massageAnd aftercosmetic shower.

For daily work, use a hot a bath with relaxing oils or special salt или делайте мини-bathtub, in which you can steam your legs. By doing this you will provide them with the best rest and relaxation. In the summer, use a bath with cold water, a little cooler than room temperature. Do not keep your feet in icy water, no matter how hot – you run the risk of getting sick.

If, after the above methods, you do not feel better, be sure to contact your angio-surgeon – it's possible that you have a serious illness.

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