How to refresh skin in spring

How to refresh skin in spring
With the advent of spring, the female half of the planet wants to look refreshed and cheerful. In winter, the skin is dried by cold and wind, and the lack of vitamins in the body makes it completely flabby.

Restoration of the skin must begin with the restoration of the whole body. To do this, you should start taking vitamins, especially C, A and Group B. It does not prevent the transition to a healthy diet: more fruits and vegetables in fresh or baked form, stewed lean meat, refreshing herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices.

Take time to the gym. If it does not work out, then you can perform some kind of complex exercises at home in the mornings and evenings. Even an ordinary walking tour of the park or on the way to work is very useful. And let the body rest at least 8 hours per night.

To moisturize the skin at home you can make masks made from natural products. In the network you can find many recipes with vegetables, berries and fruits. To lighten the skin, fresh cucumbers and lemon will do. They will also cheer her up. For purification, many use pear, honey and yoghurts. Brewed teas with a soothing effect can be frozen in the form of cubes, and every morning wipe their face and neck. The skin from this will soon wake up and take a healthy pinkish shade. For vivacity of the whole body should take in the morning a contrast shower. It stimulates your blood vessels and wakes you up completely.

If you do not want to impose cucumber on your face, you can buy ready-made products for moisturizing the skin based on berries or fruits. Also in the spring, you can do soft peelings, tk. skin after winter and so thin and sensitive. Regular cleansing of the face with tonics, moisturizing with creams will help your skin recover after a long and cold winter. And the use of sunscreens will protect it from the first ultraviolet rays and from the first burns.

Take care of your skin, be vigorous and beautiful this spring!


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