How to refresh hair color

How to refresh hair color
From the abundance of funds for styling hair can become dull and lifeless. To revive the color of the curls and refresh the appearance of the hairstyle, you need to apply special shade tints or paints. If you do not want to use chemicals, take on the folk recipes.

You will need
  • – chamomile flowers;
  • – a lemon;
  • – Sage leaves;
  • – color shade or shampoo.
Сделать цвет волос более ярким можно с помощью народных средств. Чтобы освежить светлые локоны, заварите крепкий чай из цветков ромашки, налейте в него несколько столовых ложек сока лимона. Этим средством ополаскивайте волосы после мытья. Не наносите лимонную кислоту на поврежденные завивкой или paint hair.

It is possible to achieve an easy melioration effect with the help of lemon juice. Moisten them selected strands, under the influence of direct sunlight, the hair will become noticeably lighter.

To make brighter and more saturated shades of dark hair, boil two liters of water, add half a glass of sage leaves. Strain the liquid through the cheesecloth, let the broth cool. This means rinse your hair once a week. The whole effect of these procedures will manifest in about a month.

Pay attention to the shade paints, they can not greatly change the color of the hair, but give them a new tone and shine. Such a tool can paint over not too strong gray hair. Particles of hue paint penetrate into the cracks and pores of the hair, so soft and loose hair will get a brighter color than hard and smooth. Means in the form of a cream is easier to apply, because they are distributed more evenly than a liquid paint.

There are also shading shampoos, which in their effect are similar to similar paints. Shampoo is applied to clean hair two times. Moisten the hair, moisten it with plenty of water until the foam forms, wash it off. For the second time, keep the shampoo on your hair for three to five minutes, the longer you wash it, the brighter the color. To preserve the shade, repeat the procedure after each hair wash.

On very dark hair, the color shade of the shampoo can be completely invisible, so the strands need to be clarified. Tinted products are completely harmless, because they practically do not penetrate the inside of the hair, but create a coloring film on its surface. This film quickly washed away, and does not create a visible division of hair into colored and natural.

Shampoo shades and colors have healing properties. They even out and restore the structure of the hair, making them more silky and shiny, soft and obedient. If you have recently lightened or curled your hair, before using shade or shampoo, wait two weeks, otherwise the color may be distributed unevenly.

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