How to reduce the volume of hair

How to reduce the volume of hair
The voluminous hair is most often disobedient and hardly fit into the hairstyle, and the dismissed ones do not always look good. Get rid of unnecessary volumebut in different ways, choose the one that suits you best.

You will need
  • – shampoo for naughty hair;
  • – бальзам-ополаскиватель;
  • – electric forceps;
  • – means for styling hair.
Прибегните к кардинальному способу – стрижке, если у вас длинные hair. Make a waterfall, a debut or a cascade. The length of this will not be greatly affected, but the volume will decrease somewhat. Short hair helps filing. In any case, consultation with a hairdresser will not hurt you. Apply only to large beauty salons, which are popular, so you do not regret afterwards that you have made an unsuccessful hairdo.

Try to change the shampoo and balm rinse, if you do not agree to drastic measures. On sale it is possible to meet the means, smoothing the structure of hair and reducing their volume. Carefully look at the directions from the manufacturer, you should see the corresponding inscription, for example, "Smoothness and radiance". But shampoo can not greatly reduce the volume, except that the curls will become more silky and obedient.

Используйте щипцы для волос, чтобы на время уменьшить их объем. Вытягивайте локоны тогда, когда это действительно необходимо. С помощью прибора можно только визуально уменьшить копну на голове. Пользуйтесь только качественными щипцами, иначе вы повредите структуру волос, что вызовет еще большие проблемы.

Model your hairstyle with gel, foam or wax the way you want. And if you have completely healthy curls, then fix the result with a hair dryer, curling iron or ironing.

If all this does not help, then, unfortunately, nothing to do. It all depends solely on the structure and type of your hair. In any case, do not be discouraged, but look for the positive side in this.

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