How to reduce the skin

How to reduce the skin
It often happens that the skin loses its shape and elasticity. This happens especially often after you lose weight. Do not pay attention to the opinions of those who tell you that you had to follow the skin in the process of losing weight. Even faced with the problem of excess skin face to face, you can take measures to reduce it, return the skin tone.

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  • Водоросли для обертывания, скраб, эфирные масла, морская соль.
Most often, excess skin is formed in the lower abdomen, this problem is not only faced by people after losing weight, but also women after childbirth. It is on the abdomen that the skin has less elasticity than on other parts of the body, and therefore it is more difficult to restore its tone. The most effective means in this case are physical activities, no cosmetic procedures will not replace them. The fact is that with contraction your muscles literally "push" the blood to your skin, which means that it is enriched with all nutrients and collagen right from the inside. In addition, the power load accelerates the metabolism, therefore, and your skin will recover faster.

Cosmetologists today offer a variety of ways to tighten the skin, however, many of them are very expensive. You do not have to be a rich person to get your skin in order. There are also economical methods available for use in Home conditions, for example, algal wraps. They supply collagen to your skin, due to which it gradually shrinks, acquiring elasticity. Very good, if you combine the wraps with the baths with the addition of sea salt. To tighten the skin, the bath should be quite saturated, for one standard home bath it is recommended to take about a kilogram of sea salt.

If you still decide to apply to salon procedures, it is better to choose a manual or vacuum massage. Not only that with massage assistance is a mechanical effect on the upper layers of the skin, it is also able to significantly improve blood flow, thanks to this the skin actively regenerates from the inside, acquiring a tone. You can study the literature on self-massage, then you and in domestic conditions independently can work on problem areas.

As an aid in the fight against excess skin, you can use a variety of scrubs. It is good to combine them with aromatherapy. Essential oils not only have a beneficial effect on the skin condition, but also can enhance your mood. After all, in any case, a positive attitude is important. The main thing is to carry out the procedures on a regular basis, then everything will turn out.

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