How to reduce the ring

How to reduce the ring
If you received a gift or bought a ring of your dreams, or got a beautiful engagement ring, but suddenly noticed that it is great – do not rush to give the ring back. The ring can be reduced – and in this article we will tell you how to do it.

Take the ring that needs to be reduced to the jewelery workshop. Determine how much you need to reduce размер rings – depending on this, the master will choose the most suitable method correction.

Уменьшить кольцо можно, вырезав его часть или сжав на специальном станке. Сжатие works только на не очень широких кольцах — если ваше кольцо шире 8 миллиметров, потребуется вырезать часть кольца и соединить его снова, согнув на специальном станке и запаяв стык. Неровности стыка хорошо зашлифовываются и выравниваются.

That identify size of the ring, use a special meter, which is in all jewelry stores – put on your finger blanks with the designation of different sizes and determine, what из них вам suitable. You can also measure the ring with a caliper.

After determining size the master will place the ring on the burner, cool it and place it in a special compression tool on the anvil. After the first compression, the ring is removed and inserted other side so that the ring size is the same from both edges.

After achieving the desired result, the ring is transferred to the machine and the original texture of the ring is restored using a special roller. After that, the ring is ground, the finishing touches are made.

If the ring also requires correction of external shortcomings – bruises, scratches, distortions of shape and similar damages, the ring should be placed on a device called "bolt", which will straighten the original form rings, after which the ring must be brought to readiness by grinding and finishing.

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