How to reduce the eyes

How to reduce the eyes
In correcting the shortcomings of appearance and highlighting its merits is the main task of make-up, and sometimes its competent application can replace a visit to a plastic surgeon. Correctly made makeup can smooth disproportionate facial features, make the nose narrower, and the eyes – more, adjust the shape of the cheekbones and chin, and eventually make the shape of your face almost close to the ideal. Often some girls are required not to increase, but, on the contrary, to reduce the incision of the eyes – and in this you will also help the rules of applying makeup.

If your eyes too large – use dark shades make-up. Dark shadows, pencils and eyeliner deepen the visual fit of the eye, and if you do not want to visually enlarge your eyes – do not use light shades в макияже.

To slightly bring your eyes together, too widely set on your face, accent with using makeup внимание на внутренних уголках глаз и on the bridge of the nose. Make accents dark shadows, emphasizing the line of the upper and lower eyelid, drawing dark bands along the growth line eyelashes. Especially carefully paint the shadows and contour lines of the eyelids, close to the bridge of the nose. Slightly darken the space near the bridge of the nose and vice versa, brighten the shadows with a space closer to the temples. It visually narrows the eyes.

Color eyelashes with ink, highlighting in particular the inner sides of the eyes.

Also the eyes can reduce the "cat's" makeup. Для того, чтобы добиться эффекта «кошачьего взгляда», нанесите под eyebrow Light shadows, and on the upper eyelid – dark shadows. Feather the shadows so that they protrude outward from the outer corners of the eyes, forming a kind of arrows. With a dark pencil or spouting draw more precise arrows and circle the lines of growth of the eyelashes – this will further diminish the eyes, while retaining their expressiveness.

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