How to reduce the bruise under the eye

How to reduce the bruise under the eye
Bruises under the eye – this is the most unpleasant, uncomfortable and dangerous bruises. They can arise not only among professional boxers, but ordinary people also happen.

If you get a blow under the eye, then the most correct action is to attach a sachet to the site of the injury ice. If there is no ice at hand, a tin can fit. Attach it to your cheek. TO to myself the eye пока прикладывать не стоит.

Hematoma under the eye может быть связан с повреждением переносицы. Признаком этого может быть кровь из носа. В этом случае сморкаться нельзя. Воздух может попасть под кожу, и глаз еще больше «заплывет». Этот совет дают сами professional boxers who know this problem firsthand. Also, it is not recommended to take aspirin, it interferes with the blood curdling and a large blood edema may appear at the site of the injury.

If you could not intercept the formation of a bruise under the eye in time, then this bruise will lead to even more swelling. With them you will help fight Special ointments on the basis of heparinic acid, extract of body-water, chestnut, saliva of leech. Such funds will not only remove swelling from the tissues, but also will not allow emergence the bruise itself, if you start processing on time.

When you remove the swelling, you will be left to fight only with the bruise itself. First it's blue, then black, then turns yellow and gradually comes to naught. And if on the first day it is contraindicated to him, then the next day you need to increase the flow of blood to the bruised tissues, so that the blood faster She removed the dead cells, cleansing the skin from the inside. To do this, use a heating pad.

Без лечения синяк пройдет как насморк, of the week через полторы. При правильном лечении – намного раньше. Кстати, кожа под глазом самая тонкая на всем теле, поэтому синяк проявляется намного ярче, чем в других частях тела. Но зато и сходит быстрее.

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