How to reduce the big nose

How to reduce the big nose
The nose is the central part of the face. It gives personality traits, forms a unique image of each person. But, unfortunately, many are more or less dissatisfied with its shape or size. What if your nose seems too big for you?

You will need
  • – powder;
  • – bronzer;
  • – a pencil or a paint for brows.
Воспользуйтесь декоративной косметикой для скульптурирования лица. Для того, чтобы визуально уменьшить нос, нанесите на лицо пудру в тон вашей кожи. Затем при помощи толстой мягкой кисти и бронзера затемните кончик носа и его боковые поверхности, выделите линию скул. Аккуратно растушуйте пальцем резкие линии перехода одного тона в другой. Если под рукой не оказалось пудры, воспользуйтесь тональным кремом.

Adjust the line of the eyebrows, giving them a greater bend and clear contours. Rare and strong plucked eyebrows Scroll with a pencil, shadows, or special paint. When applying makeup, try to focus on them and in front of your eyes to distract attention from other facial features.

Give your hair volume to visually reduce the proportions of the nose. Do nachetsy and high hairstyles. When styling hair, refrain from direct chipping. If you can not imagine yourself without a bang, stop for longer versions, which will be conveniently removed to one side.

Try to reduce the nose with the help of gymnastics for facial muscles. Carroll Maggio, a cosmetologist from the United States, in her book "Aerobics for the skin and facial muscles" describes in detail the exercises that, in her opinion, can shorten and narrow the nose. Regularly follow the recommendations of the author and in addition to the promised result you will get a good complexion and a tightened skin.

If you are radical, contact a plastic surgery clinic. Discuss with the doctor all the risks and possible consequences of the operation to reduce the size of the nose. Be prepared for the fact that the result of brilliantly performed rhinoplasty may not satisfy you and the procedure will have to be carried out again.

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