How to reduce the abdomen after childbirth

How to reduce the abdomen after childbirth
During pregnancy, the appearance of a woman changes. AND after childbirth want to quickly return to its old form. Beautiful flat stomach – the cherished dream of the majority of women who gave birth. With some effort, this can be achieved.

If you are breastfeeding, you can not sit on a rigid diet. Eat small portions of 4-5 once a day. Try to eat right, exclude from the diet or minimize consumption of flour, fatty and high-calorie foods, as well as canned and carbonated drinks. Diversify your menu with sour-milk products, herbs, vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Refuse the fatty sauces and mayonnaise. Do not eat while reading or watching TV. Drink a day about 2 liters of pure still water.

Чтобы ваш stomach стал подтянутым и упругим, одного правильного питания будет недостаточно. Обязательно нужны физические нагрузки. Сначала проконсультируйтесь со своим доктором и узнайте, когда вам будет можно начинать выполнять упражнения для stomacha. Regular physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles will help you not only bring stomach normal, but will also contribute to the burning of excess fats, which will be well reflected in the figure and the whole body as a whole.

First, do a little active warm-up to warm up the muscles. The first exercise on the press. Lay down on your back and fasten your legs, placing them under a sofa or chair. Then slowly lift the trunk, crossing your arms behind your head. Make several approaches 10-15 times. The next exercise: lying on the floor, smoothly lift straight legs up. This helps to strengthen the lower part of the muscles of the press. Do not hold your breath, the exercise is done on exhalation with maximum muscle tension. Sit down in Turkish and, clasping your hands on the back of your head, turn the body left and right. Perform the 2 approach over 15 times.

Если вам проще заниматься, видя перед собой картинку, купите диск с комплексом упражнений для восстановления after childbirth. Scroll to domestic training at least 20-30 minutes a day and after a while you will notice that your efforts are not in vain.

When you are sufficiently restored after childbirth, buy a subscription to the gym for aerobics or shaping. Dancing is also a great way to get in shape.

Use special cosmetics for elasticity skin. After each shower or bath, rub it all over the body, pay special attention to areas with sagging skin. The main thing is not to abandon what was started. Proper nutrition, skin care and exercise will do their job, and your stomach again becomes elastic and beautiful.

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