How to reduce pores on the face

How to reduce pores on the face
Problem porous skin on the face sometimes it causes a lot of trouble and spoils the mood. To narrow the pores, it is necessary to approach the solution of this problem in a complex manner.

You will need
  • – средства по уходу за кожей,
  • – lemon,
  • – sour cream / cottage cheese,
  • – an egg,
  • – berries,
  • – ice,
  • – глиняные маски.
Pay attention to your diet. According to doctors, the skin condition is directly related to metabolic processes in the body. With problematic oily skin with dilated pore следует отказаться от всего копченого, острого и соленого. Важно пить больше воды, зеленого чая, подходящих травяных напитков.

Seriously consider the selection of the main caregivers and make-up. It depends on this, what additional measures need to be taken to combat the expanded pores.

Use care products for oily and combination skin, containing extracts and oils of chamomile, orange, lemon. Good coping with such problems is green tea and bergamot. Не чаще 1-2 раз в неделю пользуйтесь скрабами. Обязательно применяйте увлажняющие и питательные составы, т.к. даже жирная кожа нуждается в соответствующих веществах.

Хорошо стягивают поры, одновременно питают и очищают кожу фруктовые и ягодные маски с добавлением лимона. Если кожа чувствительная и склонна к покраснениям и раздражениям, то добавьте сметану или творог. Фрукты или ягоды измельчите, смешайте с выбранным молочным продуктом, взбейте и нанесите на лицо на полчаса. Затем смойте водой или молоком.

Use the honey mask recipe. It not only narrows the pores, but also tones the skin well, gives it a well-groomed, well-groomed appearance. Pound 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese with half a teaspoon of honey, add the egg and whisk thoroughly all this mixture. Apply mask to face for 20 min., Then rinse with water. Wipe your face with an ice cube.

Use masks made of multi-colored clay. They disinfect, relieve puffiness, irritation and redness, contribute to tightening the pores and improving the relief of the skin. Clay masks are applied in a sufficiently dense layer for 20-30 minutes, then washed off with water. You can buy them in pharmacies, beauty shops and salons.

During the whole year, try to visit the natural sun more often. In moderate amounts, sunburn contributes to the normalization of the processes occurring in different layers of the epidermis. Ultraviolet irradiation acts bactericidal and leads to narrowing of the pores and improvement of the general condition of the facial skin.

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