How to reduce pores on the face

How to reduce pores on the face
Let's start with the bad news – the type of skin, and hence the broad pores, are predetermined genetically. Someone was lucky to have a gentle porcelain face with the skin, like a baby, but someone – no. And that means that some are given without difficulty, for others – the result of daily and weekly procedures. Now about the good ^ if properly to care for the skin, you can not only visually reduce the pores, but also really narrow them down a bit.

You will need
  • Gel / foam / gentle soap
  • Mineral water
  • Towel
  • Скраб/гоммаж
  • Pan
  • Сухие травы (ромашка, шалфей, мята)
  • Paper Wipes
  • Face masks based on clay
  • Moisturizers
Summary cause increase pores up to 25 years – increased secretion of sebaceous glands of a special secret – sebum. Normally, sebum is very useful for the skin – it protects it from cold and wind, from dehydration and even from pathogenic bacteria. But as soon as sebaceous glands start to produce too much "fat", it clogs the pores, oxidizes, decomposes and leads not only to "fatty gloss", but also to numerous inflammations.

The first step to "porcelain leather" is daily cleansing. Wash your face twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. Use for this purpose special means – gentle foams and gels, soap with extracts of herbs. Wash with warm water, you know perfectly well that fat in cold water dissolves worse. And here after washing you can rinse the skin with cool mineral water. From the temperature of the pores a little narrowed, and tiny bubbles will not only pleasantly tickle your face, but also make a small micromassage.

After cleansing, the skin must be moistened. After removing all the fat, you gave a signal to work for those very sebaceous glands – their "ward" was left without protection! If you urgently не решите эту проблему железы наоборот начнут вырабатывать ещё больше секрета. Перед увлажнением – высушите лицо. Ни в коем случае не надо вытираться полотенцем, так вы травмируете кожу. Нужно аккуратно промокнуть лицо чистой и мягкой тканью. Теперь можно smear a cream – since morning easy, something like gel, and for the night – more seriously.

Do not clean your face more than twice a week. It "opens" the clogged pores and removes the dead skin pieces. It is recommended to clean the face first with a scrub or a more gentle gommage, then hold it over a water bath with herbs and after this is a mask. If you first "steal" the face, and then делать peeling, can be applied to the skin of the microtrauma. There are special "warming up" masks, mostly based on clay, if you are going to use them, then you can skip the "steam bath". After a thorough cleansing, the face must also be re-moistened.

Regularly visit a cosmetologist – he will choose a set of cleansing, tonic and moisturizing products suitable for your skin. Can recommend and conduct acid peeling, hardware cleansing of the face.

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