How to reduce pores

How to reduce pores
Extended pores and grayish complexion immediately add extra years. Caring for the face, keeping the skin fresh and clean, you can use improvised means that are in the home arsenal. For decreasing pores face необходимо сначала очистить, а потом провести процедуры, стягивающие кожу.

You will need
  • Сушеная аптечная ромашка или крапива, одеяло, порошок глины, молоко или кефир, сухие семена фенхеля, чабрец, лимон, белок, зеленый чай, кофемолка.
Cleanse your face.
In boiling water in a saucepan add dried chamomile or nettle. Cover the pan with a lid and take it to the bathroom. Put it on the grate. Carefully remove the lid so that the steam does not burn you. Cover yourself with a blanket and steam your face over the steam.

Сделайте глиняную mask.
Clay deeply cleanses the pores and draws out any dirt, so apply the clay mask at once after steam bath.
Dilute the clay powder in warm water. Add some milk or kefir. Apply a thick mask on face. Lie with the mask 15 minutes in a relaxed state. Wash the clay and wipe your face tonic.

Cleaning tonic.
Pour into the coffee grinder 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds, 1 a tablespoon of dry thyme, a little bold. Pour in a dry mixture of ? cup boiling water, add lemon juice. Give tonic настояться, процедите и поставьте в холодильник. Протирайте лицо in the morning и evening.

Stretching masks.
Apply on face mask consisting of whipped squirrel with lemon juice. Allow the mask to dry, rinse with warm water.
Wipe your face with fresh cucumber juice, which well narrows the pores.
Сделайте маску из дрожжей, разведенных milk or warm water. Apply a lot of liquid to your face and let it dry. The mask rejuvenates the face and tightens the skin.

Massage the face with ice cubes. Carry out a piece of ice in circular motions along problem zones. Ice make from the infusion of chamomile or from green tea with lemon juice.

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