How to reduce pain during hair removal

How to reduce pain during hair removal
Epilation is a rather painful process. There are a number of effective techniques that help reduce the pain that occurs during the procedure.

You will need
  • восковые полоски или электроэпилятор, чистое полотенце, обезболивающий крем, кусочки льда
Carry out the hair removal procedure on certain days of the cycle. The pain threshold for women becomes higher after 10 days after the end of menstruation. In the second half of the cycle, you will suffer a much worse procedure. Carry out epilation during menstruation is not recommended.

For 30 minutes before epilation take a hot bath. Rasparivanie skin greatly facilitates the removal of unwanted hair. If you conduct a procedure in the salon, you can ask whether it is possible to steam out individual parts of the body directly in the cosmetology room.

Before by removing hair, wipe the skin with an ice cube or a towel soaked in cold water. Do not use this technique to epilate a bikini. In this case, cooling can provoke serious inflammatory diseases.

If possible, use special anesthetic creams to treat the skin. Such drugs, as a rule, contain lidocoin. You can buy them at the pharmacy. Modern beauty salons use this method of anesthesia, if the client complains of a low pain threshold.

Незадолго до эпиляции обработайте кожу ног скрабом. Отшелушивание отмерших частичек кожи вокруг волосяных фолликулов облегчит извлечение волос, что сделает данный процесс менее болезненным. Используйте увлажняющие косметические средства. Смягчение кожи также способствует облегчению удаления нежелательных волос.

For 15 minutes before hair removal, take an anesthetic pill if you experience very severe pain during hair removal. Do not use for this purpose analgin. Contrary to popular belief, coffee and alcohol will not help reduce pain. The use of these drinks can only enhance the sensitivity of the skin.

If you do not dare to drink an anesthetic pill before the procedure, drink a glass of alkaline mineral water. Lowering the total acidity of the body leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the skin.

When going to do hair removal in the salon, choose only a qualified master. Competent specialists know which wax to choose, how to apply it correctly to the skin, how to make hair removal itself. Their degree of painlessness depends on their skill.

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